Dolphins Are Indeed More Intelligent


Dolphins Are Indeed More Intelligent


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A list of all massacres of Indigenous Australians that happened in Victoria. I feel this information needs to be shared as people don’t know nearly enough about Indigenous Australians and do not know how horribly we were and still are treated. Nothing else needs to be said as the list tells it all. Click the photos to save a bigger image for reading the list clearly. 

Photo/display credit: Brambuk - The National Park & Cultural Centre.

68 massacres, in an EIGHTEEN YEAR PERIOD.

That’s not start to end, that’s just a little fucking slice.

18 years.

That’s birth to adulthood. Thousands of your cousins, slaughtered for no reason other than white people considering them inferior.

Nobody knows loss like native people.


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TL;DR : Watch this incredible story in video

white people have a death wish and aint shit u cant tell me bout it

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A Japanese dwarf flying squirrel with her babies

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Yes, Benny Hill music with ravers :D

The world’s greatest artist

The world’s greatest artist

…is the world itself.

Nature and the elements create the most beautiful works of art. Over who knows how many millions of years, these stones were fashioned by the same artist that fashioned us. They seem to be conveying a message for anyone who knows how to read it. Whether it is a geologist’s understanding or a gateway for meditation, the patterns on these stones talk to us.

Message from within

This stone seems…

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Colonel Meow (2011-2014), Famous Long-Haired Frowning Cat
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